Our History

Our History

Created in 1971, Unison Behavioral Health is an independent public agency created by Georgia law to provide behavioral health and developmental disability services to persons in Coffee, Atkinson, Bacon, Pierce, Ware, Clinch, Charlton, and Brantley counties. Originally Satilla Community Services, in October 2012 the organization became Unison Behavioral Health to better reflect its role as a specialty provider of behavioral healthcare services.

Unison is one of twenty-two community service board organizations operating in Georgia. Unison's board of directors are appointed by county commissioners and each county within the service area has at least one representative. As allowed by Georgia law, up to three additional board members may be appointed to the board in the event a county provides Unison significant financial support and/or in-kind contributions.

Unison services are provided regardless of age, race, gender, religion, handicap, national origin, veteran status, or ability to pay. We employ over 300 staff all dedicated to creating health and wellness for our clients through provision of high quality mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services.

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Community Training & Education

Community Training & Education

Unison Behavioral Health’s Subject Matter Experts are available to the community to serve as speakers for clubs, schools, social service agencies, civic groups, and business organizations. Speakers are available at no charge and are able to speak on a wide range of topics regarding mental health, addictive disease, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Request a presentation by calling Unison at (800) 342-8168.

Mental Health First Aid

Depression. Anxiety. Substance abuse. These are just few of the mental health challenges persons can face in their daily lives. In fact, 1 in 5 people you meet have struggled with a mental health or substance use problem at some point.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid is an innovative, 8-hour course designed to give you the tools to recognize a range of mental health problems and the skills and confidence to help someone in a mental health crisis. In this training, participants learn to:

  • Identify the warning signs and risk factors for mental health problems including depression, self-harm, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, psychosis, substance use disorders and eating disorders
  • Use a 5-step action plan to help someone in crisis
  • Guide a person to needed services and supportive help
  • Challenge stigma by dispelling myths about mental illness

Mental Health First Aid-USA has a strong evidence base and was developed through collaboration between Maryland Mental Health Transformation office, Missouri Mental Health Office of Transformation, and the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare.

Who Can Be A Mental Health First Aider?

  • Teachers/School administrators
  • Childcare workers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social services staff
  • Employers
  • Faith communities
  • Law enforcement/other first responders
  • Nursing home/caregiver staff
  • Substance abuse professionals
  • Parents
  • YOU!

Mental Health First Aid training is appropriate for anyone who would like to learn how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders.

MHFA Training Provided by Unison Behavioral Health

Since 2013, Unison Behavioral Health has trained over a hundred individuals to become certified Mental Health First Aiders in their southeast Georgia communities. Trainings have been held in Waycross, Nahunta, Douglas, Alma and other regional locations. Participant feedback from recent trainings:

“Wonderful course with relevant examples and materials that equip me to be better prepared with dealing with mental health.”

“Everyone needs this class!”

“I feel educated and able to help those in need after taking this class”

“I use the knowledge I gained every day in working with youth.”

“I absolutely loved it! I recommend it to others.”

Contact Unison For MHFA Training

Each year, Unison offers Mental Health First Aid classes to the community at minimal to no cost. Unison’s certified staff are also available to come to you at your place of work, study or other place you designate to provide training. For more information about MHFA go to www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org. To inquire about MHFA in your community call Unison at (800) 342-8168 or contact:

Tiffany Henderson, (Youth MHFA), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Leslie White, (Adult MHFA), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
April Roberson, (Adult MHFA), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Unison Vision

The Unison Vision

Unison envisions healthy, vibrant, caring communities where all persons have the opportunity to live productive, meaningful lives.

To make that vision possible, we create health and wellness in our communities by providing quality mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability services.

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Developmental Disability Programs

Developmental Disability Programs

Developmental disability services helping persons live to the fullest extent of their lives.
Locations and contact information:
Service Locations
  • Community Access

    These services are designed to assist individuals acquire, retain or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills required for active community participation and independent functioning outside their home. Services are provided during the day, evening or the weekend. It can also be delivered individually or in a group.

    For locations and contact information, please click the "Service Locations" button above.

  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment Services provides ongoing support that enables individuals to perform, and earn income, in a variety of regular work settings.

    Supported Employment services are available to persons with developmental disabilities throughout Unison’s 8-county service area. For information on how to obtain supported employment services, please contact:

    Unison Behavioral Health
    Supported Employment Services in Ware, Brantley, Charlton and Pierce Counties:
    Ware County Community Supports
    3201 Harris Road
    Waycross, GA 31503
    (912) 449-7851

    For Coffee, Clinch, Bacon and Atkinson Counties:
    Coffee Community Supports
    920 W. College Park Drive
    Douglas, GA 31533
    (912) 389-4025

  • Community Residential Alternative

    Community Residential Alternative (CRA) services are available for persons with developmental disabilities who require 24/7 intensive levels of support. Within Unison’s 8-county service area, persons receiving CRA services may reside in a licensed and supervised community host home/life sharing arrangements. Qualified participants may also receive CRA services within Unison group home facilities in the following locations:

    Coffee County:
    Northwood Group Home
    211 North Street
    Douglas, GA 31533
    (912) 292-0762

    Peachtree Group Home
    620 North Wheeler Avenue
    Douglas, Georgia 31533
    (912) 292-1142

    Bacon County:
    Cypress Hill Group Home
    123 Quart Douglas Road
    Alma, GA 31510
    (912) 632-4150

    Pierce County:
    Camellia House Group Home
    311 Grady Street
    Blackshear, GA 31516
    (912) 807-8042

    Kerrigan's Way Group Home - Coming Soon!
    723 Porter St.
    Blackshear, GA 31516
    (912) 807-7255

    Oakwood Group Home
    740 Porter Street
    Blackshear, GA 31516
    (912) 449-8550

    For information on Community Residential Alternative Service, please contact

    Unison Behavioral Health
    Community Residential Alternative Services
    1007 Mary Street
    Waycross, GA 31501
    (912) 449-7105

  • Independent Living

    Independent Living support services help a person with developmental disabilities live successfully at home. Services can help with bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, shopping, banking, exercising, decision making, supervision of the person taking their medication, and many other activities of daily living.

    For locations and contact information, please click the "Service Locations" button above.

  • Family Support

    Unison’s Family Support Program provides qualified individuals and families with goods and services to sustain and enhance the quality of family/home life so that the eligible person with developmental disabilities can remain within a nurturing family in his/her home. For example, goods and services which may be provided with Family Support funds include:

    • Dental services
    • Specialized Clothing
    • Medical Care
    • Medical Equipment
    • Home modifications
    • Recreation/Social Community Integration Activities
    • Family Support/Respite

    For information about goods and services provided to qualified Family Support participants, contact:

    Unison Behavioral Health
    Family Support Services
    1835 W 12th St.
    Alma, GA 31510
    (912) 632-5905 x6501

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Unison Behavioral Health

empowering people to improve the quality of their lives.

Unison Behavioral Health is a leading provider of mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services in southeast Georgia, serving residents in Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Pierce, and Ware Counties. Unison Behavioral Health is not affiliated with the Unison Behavioral Health Group of Ohio.

Need Help Now? Call: (800) 342-8168

For Other Inquiries: Click Here

Unison Behavioral Health
1007 Mary Street, PO Box 1397
Waycross, GA 31503

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