Sometimes, even our phones can be a source of our stress and anxiety. They often get a lot of our time and attention. However, there are a lot of great apps that can help you to take control of your mental health. We came up with a list of our favorites to share with you.


MyStrength - Available with iOS, Android, and Web

MyStrength offers tools to manage your stress, anxiety, depression and more. Track your moods to identify patterns, practice techniques like meditation and mindulness, and join a community the can help you stay on track. Use Code: UBHCommunity to access MyStrength for free. 

Pacifica Stress App

Pacifica - Available with iOS, Android & Web

Pacifica is designed to help manage stress and anxiety by using guided self-help such as minfulness and cognitive behavioral activities. The app also offers relaxation guides like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation exercises. Pacifica allows you to set your own goals, track your moods, and progress over time to help identify patterns. 

stop breathe and think 3

Stop, Breathe, and Think - Available with iOS, Android, and Web

Stop, Breathe, and Think will ask you how you're feeling both mentally and physically, as well as any emotions you're having at the time. The app will then recommend a short selection of meditations for your to do based on what you need in the moment. This a very easy to use app that gives a great introduction to meditation and mindfulness. 


Whats Up? - Available with iOS and Android

What's Up? is a free app that provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at the touch of a button. The app provides games to help with grounding, exercies for relaxation, and activities to help with negative thinking patterns. The app also features a diary tool for tracking emotions and habits. 


 WildFlowers - Available with iOS & Android

Wildflowers is a mindfulness and meditation app that takes mindfulness to the next level. This app uses your phone's camera to measure your heart rate, providing data which helps the app to learn more about you. You can also use their meditation suggestion tool to find meditations for your mood and track your progress. 


If you’ve recently made the decision to seek professional help for your family, then you’ve already taken a big step toward solving your issues. Maybe you are struggling with addictions, depression, or eating disorders. Maybe you and your family are dealing with a serious, chronic health issue together. Or, you may need to address issues together, but are having difficulty. Maybe you are having problems raising children or dealing with a divorce. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, Unison Behavioral Health can help with the healing process and restore your closest family relationships. 

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One of the most difficult challenges in life is trying to help someone who has an addiction. Even more challenging, however, is identifying an addiction when it happens. Let’s face it, some people are experts at hiding their painkiller dependency. If you suspect that it may be happening to a close friend or loved one, then the best action you can take is to learn the signs. Below are nine symptoms of a pain pill addiction. If you notice a combination of these signs, then take action to help this person.

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Teen depression is on the rise. As of 2015, nearly 3 million young people, aged 12 to 17, were treated for some type of severe depressive episode. Recent reports have also shown that females are almost four times as likely to suffer from clinical depression as males. 

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